2015 World Boogie Woogie Stuttgart | GER


14 August 2015

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36 couples made the journey to Stuttgart, GER, to take part in the 2015 World Championship Boogie Woogie of the Main Class. They were accompanied by 39 other couples competing for the world titles in Junior and Senior plus a host of supporters who came to watch and cheer. Between all of them they created the anarchic atmosphere that makes Rock 'n' Roll stand out from the other DanceSport disciplines contested during the German Open Championships. This 48-minute programme covers the highlights of the two days of Boogie Woogie in Stuttgart: the Slow and the Fast Finals of the Main Class plus the opening and award ceremonies - including the free-for-all last dance with hundreds on the floor. Looks behind the scene and interviews with some of the finalists round it off. © 2015 World Rock 'n' Roll Confederation | All Rights Reserved

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