2014 WDSF World Ten Dance Riga | LAT


31 October 2014

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34 couples had travelled to the Latvian capital Riga to contest the world title in DanceSport's decathlon. The 2014 World Ten Dance determined the successors to Bjoern Bitsch and Ashli Williamson, DEN, the couple that dominated the discipline over the past three years but focuses exclusively on Standard these days. Last year in Vienna, AUT, Bjoern and Ashli prevailed only very narrowly over the runners-up Miha Vodičar – Nadiya Bychkova, SLO, after Rule 11 was invoked. Earlier this year - at the European Ten Dance in Cambrils, ESP - the Slovenians were edged out by Jaak Vainomaa – Taina Savikurki, FIN, in a tight fight for first. This World Ten Dance was the first one adjudicated with the Judging System 2.1. Rule 11 was no longer be needed to determine the champions. © 2014 World DanceSport Federation - WDSF | All Rights Reserved Produced by the WDSF Communications team in collaboration with Latvian Television LTV, the Riga organisers and the Latvian DanceSport Federation.

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