2014 WDSF GrandSlam Standard Wuhan | CHN


14 September 2014

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The decisive stages of the 2014 GrandSlam Standard in Wuhan, CHN, danced on 14 September at the Sports Centre Arena. The 2014 GrandSlam Standard Wuhan final lived up to the highest expectations of all those who appreciate DanceSport performed as close to perfection as is achievable, those who rally for their favourite couple, and those who generally appreciate a tight fight on the floor. Maybe the scores weren't as high as one month ago in Stuttgart, but the winners saw three 10s going up after three different dances. Cheering was very liberally dispensed by spectators who seemed to support all finalists in a fairly equitable ratio. And when the smoke of the battle had dispersed after the fifth dance, a Quickstep, the margin of victory was a mere 1.27 points! © 2014 World DanceSport Federation - WDSF | All Rights Reserved Produced by the WDSF Communications team in collaboration with Hubei Sports TV, the Wuhan GrandSlam Organising Committee and the Chinese DanceSport Federation.

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