2016 WDSF GrandSlam Standard Stuttgart | GER


12 August 2016

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Who doesn't remember last year's final round of the GrandSlam Standard Stuttgart. It started off with a closely fought battle between the dominant couple in the 2015 Series up to that point, Simone Segatori - Annette Sudol, GER, and their perennial opponents, Dmitry Zharkov - Olga Kulikova, RUS, in the Tango. The Russians scored two times 10 in the four components and won the first dance with four decimal points over the almost equally high-scoring Germans. The latter fought back immediately and went on to win the Stuttgart leg by just over for points. It was their last win for the year, however, as the Russians bounced back and won all other face-offs. Of the three GrandSlam legs held this year, two went to the Russians and one to the Germans.

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