2015 WDSF PD European Standard Copenhagen | DEN


14 February 2015

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Only two months after they last met in Magdeburg, GER, to contest the same title, the Professionals danced in Copenhagen, DEN, on 14 February to determine their European Champions Standard. 27 couples entered in Denmark and the rivalry for first was the same as in Germany and in many top-level Standard championships over the past five years. Between the Germans and the Danes: between Benedetto Ferruggia - Claudia Koehler and Emanuel Valeri - Tania Kehlet! A 6-camera production covering the decisive stages of the PD European Standard. With full graphics but without commentary. The 66-minute programme is made up of three (3) parts: the full-length semi-finall (1) and the full-length final (2), winners' interview (3). © 2015 World DanceSport Federation - WDSF | All Rights Reserved Produced by the WDSF Communications team in collaboration with host broadcaster dk4 and the Danish DanceSport Federation.

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